Damaged Hair and How To Fix It

Sometimes, hair problems go beyond issues such as dryness or frizz. Most times hair is damaged beyond repair. No matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to work. You just end up with an empty wallet trying to figure out how you can fix your hair.

One major cause of damaged hair is chemical abuse. Products such as relaxers and hair color are easily accessible in the market; anyone can just buy them and use them readily. A lot of times, they aren’t used properly and that’s where damage comes in. Paying a professional to do the job is highly recommended.
Heat can also do a lot of damage to your hair. Whether your hair is chemically processed or natural, too much heat can damage it. This pertains to daily use of flat irons, curling irons, etc. Hair can and will burn if extremely hot tools are used on it.
There is a solution, though. When your hair is just dry, you can still get the moisture back in it. It may take a while but it can be done. On the other hand, damage is completely different. Once hair is fried past the point of no return, the only solution is to cut off it off. This is quite drastic; however, long hair that’s damaged won’t do anything good for your look. Instead, just get rid of the damaged ends and start over. But don’t do the same mistake again.

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