Rock Box Iloilo: Rock Star Dream


It was a Friday when my friends decided to hang out at Smallville to go bar hopping, have some fun and drink until dawn. One of my friends suggested that we try the Rock Box Cafe,  some of us got curious of the place so we went there to survey the scene.

The inside of the place was like a party house with many cool lights and decorations. If you have kids then this place will really make them go berserk of enjoyment. As you enter, you’ll find the counter and the rented private rooms together with a computer station for those who wants to play video games. This place offers Rock Band, Xbox, Videoke, Bar and Bristo.
Update: For Rock Band Party Pack, it is now a P900/2H consumable.

My friends and I decided to get the Rock Band Party Package and immediately went-off to get a hold of the drum set, the guitars and the microphone. For two amazing hours, we rock and rolled and ate some delicious foods. There was no real occasion but we were really having a party blast!

We really had a wonderful time and I deeply recommend it for the young ones and the young at hearts. It was a 2 full-hour that we felt we were rock stars. We’re sure to come back again. Try it out and enjoy!

Manila Adventure to Jason Mraz Concert


When I discovered that Jason Mraz was going to have a concert on October 30, 2011 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Manila, I rushed to go online in order to get a hold of a ticket for the awesome event. Luckily, I was able to acquire Upper Box seats where it’s already enough for a price to see your idol and there’s no need to rush to be early because the seats are already reserved based on seat numbers so you won’t worry if you come in late or if anyone will steal your spot.

Next, due to the fact that I live in Iloilo City, I needed to secure a plane ticket as well. I went online again to purchase a ticket for myself. I logged on to Zest Air Online to grab an affordable round trip ticket using my Smart Money Master Card as payment method.

October 29: I left Iloilo City riding an airplane for an approximate 1 hour travel to Manila.

When I arrived in Manila, the first thing I did was to go to the Mall of Asia and looked for a baggage counter which took me almost an hour to find one until I finally reached the Baggage Pick-up Booth. It was more exciting to roam around the big mall with no heavy baggage on.

I ate at Mann Hann, a Chinese cuisine that had a lot of  delicious foods in their menu. With great foods such as the Fookien Rice which was very mouth-watering and the Lechon Macau that was very hard to resist even though I was already full.

Fookien Rice
Lechon Macau
Seafood Special

Through out the day, I spend my time shopping for some anime toys, like my Tobi stuff toy I got from Comic Alley, watched some people go skating and sat by the bay of the mall.

In the bay side, there was a zipline for an affordable price of P150 per person and P250 if ride + picture. It looked fun but I was too full for heights so I passed.

At the end of the day, all looked well for my first day of travel in Manila. The weather was good, not too hot and not too cold. The next day is the most awaited one.

sunset by the bay

October 30: The day that I’ve been waiting for. I will fast forward this day to the main event which is the JASON MRAZ CONCERT. The concert was at 8AM but I was already outside the coliseum at 4:30PM.

Too Excited? Yes very much and I was not the only one because a lot of people we’re already waiting and the gates we’re open until 6PM and the concert started at 8PM.

Inside the Smart Araneta Colisum

At last, the time we all had been waiting for. There were no longer any hold-ups, immediately Jason Mraz together with his partner, Toca Rivera, appeared and made some sweet loving with his acoustics and Rivera with his amazing percussion. Everyone went on a euphoria as he sang most of his well-known songs such as Lucky, The Remedy, etc. and finally the most awaited I’m Yours.

I really enjoyed every second that he sang and none of it were a boring moment. He really made the Filipino people very happy with his Jesus-like appearance and sweet acoustics. Everybody didn’t want the concert to end and 2 hours was too short to be a part of the love that Jason Mraz spread throughout the coliseum. He may return in 2012 for another concert but we’ll just wait and see. He even gave some words of wisdom for the men: “REAL MEN DON’T BUY GIRLS!”

After the concert, it was really sad to know that the following day I had to fly back home to my beloved hometown. This has been one of the best birthday gift that I ever received and experienced all thanks to the people who made it very possible. I promised myself that I will return again for more concerts and with more other places to venture as well.