Rock Box Iloilo: Rock Star Dream

It was a Friday when my friends decided to hang out at Smallville to go bar hopping, have some fun and drink until dawn. One of my friends suggested that we try the Rock Box Cafe,  some of us got curious of the place so we went there to survey the scene.

The inside of the place was like a party house with many cool lights and decorations. If you have kids then this place will really make them go berserk of enjoyment. As you enter, you’ll find the counter and the rented private rooms together with a computer station for those who wants to play video games. This place offers Rock Band, Xbox, Videoke, Bar and Bristo.
Update: For Rock Band Party Pack, it is now a P900/2H consumable.

My friends and I decided to get the Rock Band Party Package and immediately went-off to get a hold of the drum set, the guitars and the microphone. For two amazing hours, we rock and rolled and ate some delicious foods. There was no real occasion but we were really having a party blast!

We really had a wonderful time and I deeply recommend it for the young ones and the young at hearts. It was a 2 full-hour that we felt we were rock stars. We’re sure to come back again. Try it out and enjoy!

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