Being a hero is no fairy tale!

A hero appears when trouble arises. Because of men’s greed, heroes and oppressors existed in the first place. In order to rescue the oppressed from their oppressors, a hero will come and conquer his enemies and finally be rewarded handsomely by the people he saved. It sounded like a fairy tale, right? In reality, it goes like this. The people, too fearful to solve their own problems, seek a hero to do the solving for them, or maybe yet, a person, too hungry to carve his name in history, acted with a foolish heart, did a courageous act, named a hero, apparently died then lucky if remembered but quite depressing if forgotten by the people he saved.

Is a hero just someone who is sacrificed for others who can’t solve their own problems?
The idea of a hero is already too exaggerated. People think that being a hero is like being one of the most well-known men of the planet. In the past, some persons were only labeled as heroes if they had sacrificed their lives for the common good. Worthy men and women, born from rich families or the slumps, good-looking or unsightly, strong or disabled, were given the titles as heroes if they were able to awaken and enlighten the people that they are not weak but strong individuals who can make a difference and mold their own future yet these aspiring heroes die during the process or after he has accomplished his mission.
If “hero” is just another euphemism for “sacrifice”, then no, I’m not happy about it at all.
Logically speaking, a hero can be synonymous to a “sacrifice.”Without past heroes, a certain culture might have disappeared in time. Heroes were just mere persons like everybody else. They had dreams for themselves and their future yet they had to sacrifice them in order to continue other’s dreams instead. Some don’t give much of a damn if a hero sacrifices his own life as long as he fulfills his mission.
I give a damn especially when the “hero” is someone I care for…
Did you ever have an idea on what if a certain hero was a person you care most? Would you let him risk his life to cover your weakness? Against all hope, he will sacrifice his life for you. Would you care for the idea of a loved one as a hero?
I must defeat my enemies with my own special powers.
The world contains everyday heroes that we just take for granted and wherever we go, we see new and aspiring ones. There are people who are risking their everyday lives just for us to have a better future. If you don’t want to see the people you care for sacrificing themselves then we, ourselves, must be strong enough to do our part and not let them do the dirty jobs for us. We need to gain the courage and bravery like real heroes! If we are strong then no longer need heroes or sacrifices.

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