Breast Cancer Awareness: I will survive!


The Elements of Fear

Cancer, as we know it, is not just a single disease but exist in a wide range of categories as there are several categories of tissues in the human body. It evolves when normal cells in the body begin to develop out of control. The transformation of normal cells into cancer cells happens as a result of damage to the DNA which is most probably due to certain chemicals, radiation exposure and viral invasions. The most troublesome truth is that cancer can be passed around from generation to generation.

The Fight of a Lifetime

Every day, we are always at high risk from the known terrible environmental factors that could trigger the development of cancer. It is one’s personal responsibility to be aware of this genetic illness. In addition, we must always be reminded of every one’s fight against the disease. A lot of support groups are every day on the initiative to spread the word to the public. A free breast cancer bracelet giveaway is also one of the strategies done by most support groups and health sectors. Doing so will prompt the women of how vital it is to be alert of the risk factors and never lose hope when having the problem.

Ray of Hope for Women

Women with family histories of breast cancer must always be involved with regards to their health. A healthy lifestyle and regular consultation from a doctor will reduce the chances of acquiring cancer and increase the survival rate. Involving one’s self in awareness campaign, wearing her own free breast cancer bracelet, joining in gatherings and listening to women who have battled against the disease will enlighten and empower one’s mind and heart to be an instrument to one’s self and for others, as well.