Circumcision @ Brgy. Bakhaw 2012

Admitting for a circumcision is always one of the most terrifying events for a school aged boy. Some may act brave at first but when they are asked to remove their undergarments and lie on the operating table then that’s where the anxiety starts. Peripheral vision is so keen that when they see scissors, sutures and syringes, they tend to cover their eyes to avoid getting more anxious for potential painful instruments of horror.

The children are playfully waiting for their turn to have their circumcision.
Circumcision is a surgical procedure that involves removal of some or most of the prepuce (foreskin) to fully expose the glans (tip of the penis). This procedure has both cultural and health related benefits. Some of those health-related benefits are a decrease on likelihood to acquire sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infections and penile cancer. There are some risks to the whole procedure but these only happen if there is presence of negligence in the whole medical team. These risks may include intolerable pain, infection and bleeding. Death while undergoing this procedure is a very rare instance.
May 6, 2012, doctors and nurses from Central Philippine University came to Brgy. Bakhaw,Mandurriao, Iloilo City with a mission. The mission was to carry out a hand-in-hand activity in collaboration with the Brgy. Council. The goal of the activity was to conduct free circumcisions for a target population of 50 boys. A lot of boys aged 6-13 years old were professionally circumcised. At the end of the day, the whole activity was a sheer success. Goals were met topped up with big smiles from the entire team, patients and folks. It was another big accomplishment for both the medical team and the entire barangay.


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