Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort

A person who’s fond of swimming on clear waters will surely love this place. This marvelous destination is located in Guisi, Dolores, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. It will only take you about 30-45min. worth of travel time via boat and public utility vehicle.
Brgy. Ortiz Port Terminal to Guimaras.
Approaching the Port of Jordan, Guimaras.
Guisi is well-known to be as one of the most visited tourist destinations in Guimaras due to the pre-war built Guisi Parola Lighthouse. As a result, the Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort was established to further seize the attention of visiting tourists, both local and foreign.

What you’ll find in this fun and relaxing place are clear waters, pebble-like particles on the beach front and corals of different sizes. This destination is perfect for family get-aways, barkada trips, and other occasions. Recreational activities within the area are boating, swimming, fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.
What are you waiting for? Add this on your next list of adventure trips with family and friends and enjoy memorable events with them in this tranquil site. It is surely more fun in the Philippines!
Curious endeavors!

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