Iloilo Zombie Run 2012

Curiosity is an innate characteristic of man and it didn’t limit him from wondering of what will happen of ever the world will be infested by ZOOOOOOOOOOOOMBIES!!!

Plenty of movies and games related to zombies were created out from the curious mind:


The curiosity did not stop there! Many countries have organized plenty of so-called ZOMBIE RUN events, a sort of fun run but with more spice and flavor. Rather than your regular fun run from start to end on the road and pavement, this one is more challenging. A zombie run is not about just running to the end with the only effort of having stamina, its more on SURVIVING harsh terrains and obstacles where there are no flat and comfy roads and pavements to step on.
Aside from uneven terrains and challenging obstacles, the fun part is when you get to encounter a zombie who is tasked to acquire your health badges until you lose them all and end up losing your chance of winning the big prizes for survivors. Losing all of your badges also resulted of you being a ZOMBIE yourself.
In Iloilo City, a zombie run was organized in partnership with many sponsors. A lot of people were astounded upon knowing the idea that a zombie run even would take place since they would usually hear about it in media that occurs in Metro Manila. People were skeptical at first but as the event was past approaching, they became so excited that registration was CLOSED. Furthermore, due to public demand, the organizers had to make a lot of changes so that everyone can participate, whether be runner or zombie, solo or family.
In the end, the whole event was a stormy success and everybody went home all wet with happiness. Just proved to show that this is definitely your “not-so-average” fun run. It’s truly an event for everyone to enjoy!

More pictures at: Max Anthology Facebook Page <–please LIKE :3

“Awesome Adventure!”


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