Baguio City: A Cool Adventure!


Baguio City is one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines. If you love the warm climate and beach ambiance in Boracay then you will surely love the cool breeze and a touch of nature feeling in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.
Brief History
Baguio City was not a known destination until the American colonial period. The Americans were the ones who declared Baguio as the Summer Capital of the Philippines on July 1, 1903. They were also the ones who contributed to the architectural designs and landscapes that you can see today when you visit the place. You will know eventually when you reach spots like Burnham Park and Wright Park, both named after recognized icons in Baguio History.
The Chaotic Travel
Baguio City has its own airport, the Loakan Airport, but it does not cater domestic flights like any other domestic airports of other regions because of its limited runway length. Therefore, it is more of an adventure to base your starting point in Manila then just take a bus-ride to Baguio City. It would typically take about 5-8hours worth of travel time depending on weather conditions and traffic.
Buses bound for Baguio:

I went to Baguio with my buddies, we traveled somewhere around 10-PM so that we can just sleep the long travel time and then reach the beautiful city early morning, somewhere 6-AM. We rode the JoyBus of Genesis Transport, which was truly a comfortable experience, and I really recommend this one instead of the Victory Liner. Although, first-come-first-serve basis, you need to call them for reservations. For a fare of 650PHP, it already came with comfortable seats, free snacks, free WIFI, a comfort room, and a blanket (surrendered after the trip).
This trip was not specifically as planned yet having no specific plans is a lot more exciting, LOL. We arrived somewhere around 5-AM, with no hotels or inns reserved. We walked the inner city, shivering, looking for vacant rooms but to no avail. We were tired and sleepy yet the cool breeze kept us awake until we were able to find a transient home to rest until the sun rises. It was not a good move not to have a reserved accommodation, we learned and I found out that there are many posted affordable transient homes for rent in the internet especially at
A Wonderful Sight and Feeling
It is true that Baguio City was not what it look liked 10-years ago but its tourist destinations are still intact and still there are plenty of trees to look at. Upon refreshing up for the morning, we rented a taxi for our endeavors (for noobs), and it cost as much as 2,500PHP for a whole day of travel needs. We went to places like:
Philippine Military Academy
Camp John Hay

Lourdes Grotto

Strawberry Farm

Mines View Park

We were no longer able to go to other tourist spots because we only gave ourselves a whole day’s worth of adventure. I know that you would need more time than just that. Some say that a whole week is still not enough. Anyways, I’ll come back soon to fully experience the beauty of Baguio City.

Here is a website that contains more information if you want to visit the Summer Capital: Go Baguio!

See ya!

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