National Bookstore Pulls-out China Made Globes

The tension between China and the Philippines is still on fire. Now, the Philippines made another move when National Bookstore withdrew all the Chinese-made educational globes from all of its branches.

 The educational globes, made in China, contained the “nine-dash line” virtually recognizing its claims  of all the South China Sea, even some areas close to its neighbors.

What the pure-Filipino owned bookstore did was a move of patriotism. If the Philippines would just let itself be bullied and hide behind its so-called allies and friends then the country has little strength and confidence to stand on its own, to be heard and be respected.

It is a fact, though, that China has had helped the Philippines in sustaining its economy an enriching its culture. But as a co-Asian brother, wouldn’t it be more beneficial for both sides to work together in developing the whole of Asia. Thus, no longer will the West belittle an Asian citizen.

If this dream is just a dream, then let’s boycott all MADE IN CHINA junk!!!!!!!!!!!

Philippine bookstore pulls out Chinese-made globes

See ya!!!

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