Filipino RNs as Room Nurses Abroad?

What in the world is a room nurse anyway? I am a nursing graduate and a licensed nurse and I can’t remember any term of a nurse as a ROOM NURSE.

There seemed to be a problem on what Mrs. Cynthia Villar also known as Mrs. Hanapbuhay, said during a TV show:


“Actually, hindi kailangan ng mga nurse na matapos ang BSN. Kasi itong ating mga nurse gusto lang nila maging room nurse. Or sa America and in other countries eh ano ang sila, yung parang mag-aalaga. Hindi naman sila kailangan ganoon kagaling.”

Things to consider:

  1. Nurses deal with lives so they must be MAGALING or COMPETENT in what they do.
  2.  Define room nurse please.
  3. Caring, an art, is just one part of nursing.
  4. Filipino nurses abroad do not only care for foreigners but also involve themselves in scientific research and development of nursing as a science and art.
As the senatorial election heats up, this issue will surely turn the tides of voters’ trust and esteem with this lady candidate. But then again, let’s give her a chance, after all she was not able to finish her whole statement during that time.

See ya!!!


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