Meging Paths: The Gap Between Theory and Practice Among Professional Nurses

Last March 17, 2013, I attended a seminar organized by the MAN graduate students of Central Philippine University that was held at Lawaan, Roxas City. The speaker was a MAN who discussed topics about the essence of a nurse, the issues and challenges within the profession.

She introduced her discussion as she quoted that nurses are an integral part of a country’s national development since they constitute the greatest part of any healthcare delivery system that helps to maintain productive human capital. – Parks, Longsworth & Espadas, 2011.

Issues related to nursing that were discussed were about nursing students, nursing faculty, nursing curriculum, practice issues, financial/political issues, etc.

How are we able to bridge the gap between theory and practice in nursing? The speaker pointed out some strategies:

  • knowledge sharing
  • faculty development
  • technology education, hands-on, experience and support
  • nursing informatics

What are the challenges that revolves around the nursing profession nowadays? They are:

  • The Competitiveness Race to the ASEAN Communities 2015
  • International Educational Standards
  • Pillars of Education
  • ASEAN 2015 RACE
  • UN Millennium Development Goals
  • 3 Behavioral Competitiveness
  • Welfare Skills Qualifications

The discussion was a lively one because the speaker was able to relate trends and today’s dilemmas with the audience. Attending these kind of seminars are very beneficial for nurses to expand and update their knowledge regarding the nursing profession. Learning only ends when you are 6-ft. below the ground, said the speaker.

Poster Design Guest Waiting Chit-chat The speaker and the professor. DSCN3285 Host and hostess DSCN3289 DSCN3292 DSCN3293 DSCN3297 DSCN3296 DSCN3305 DSCN3308 DSCN3309 DSCN3310 DSCN3312 DSCN3313 DSCN3314 DSCN3326 DSCN3330 DSCN3333 DSCN3335 DSCN3339 DSCN3341 DSCN3342


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