Les Miserables at PRC-Iloilo

Dear PRC-Iloilo,


Greetings of Peace!

Again, your poor management never cease to amaze me. Why is it that you let the security guards, employed to promote security and order in the organization, do the entire mind exhausting job? I went to your cursed agency at 4:30-AM for the purpose of getting of my board certificate. I sat and waited in the bench where the big cardboards with the word RELEASING were displayed. I sat there and waited until such time that people were already piling up the place. A guard came down and was asked if where is the line for the claiming of the board certificates. He said that he is unfamiliar with the process because he was uninformed and lacked the orientation on how to go about. Many people asked him and he only said the same words then later did I know that the whole flow of everything was already perplexing. Not just for me a young professional but also for oldies and senior professionals.

First question, is it really your strategy to let the guards be the ones as front-liners for the public? Why can’t it be any one of your people trained and knowledgeable enough of the whole system of transactions? Why do you let the guards, uninformed and lack the orientation to do it? Is this a professionally done management strategy by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)? At 7-AM, a lot of people were already tensed and confused on where to line-up for his business with the agency. Security guards can’t do their job to maintain security and order because of many people asking so many questions that they don’t know about.

Second, what’s the purpose of the benches when the agency let the people line-up at the garage lane of the building in standing position and the hanged cardboards with transaction words when it is not implemented? It would be better to just take them off or transfer the benches at the back of the building at least the people lining up can utilize it.

Third, are your personnel truly competent in terms of the whole system? I went upstairs to ask directly the information corner when even the one in charge seems to not be specific enough when asked if where we can get our board certificates.  He said to go down the mezzanine to get your board certificates but when I went there, the lady said to get it in the first floor. I was truly pissed! When I went down, the scenario was worse than being in a public market. Visible were compressed people all over the place with confused heads and tensed feelings. I asked if what was the flow for the CLAIMING part, then to my disgust, the guard pointed me to the garage lane. @%#%$. I came here at 4:30-AM and waited and followed your instructions on where to wait and then you just tell me to fall in line at the back of the garage lane for the RELEASING, you don’t do that to me!!!!

The whole scene was a terrible sight to see but not as terrible when I checked the garage lane. I really thought that I was witnessing a scene from “Les Miserables” live. A very long line was present and when the PRC personnel came, it was definitely miserable. Believe me! When the public made complaints, it would either that they ignore you or throw back the question at you.

It’s more fun in Iloilo? Not! An agency that has been present for a very long time and still doing its best to amaze me with its poor management is not fun. Many complains have been addressed but still it’s the same old thing with little or no improvement at all. For those who have the capability to put some senses in this agency and its management, please help!

I suggest that, after all, the public comes early with the earliest at 1-AM in the morning to wait for the agency to open, the agency should post their flow cycle of transactions outside rather than inside the building, at least the public would already be knowledgeable enough of the flow, yet unless the agency doesn’t implement it anyway so maybe it’s just for show. The agency has computers and printers right? Why won’t they post announcements if new flows are to be followed or if where to really line-up, so that the public will ignore their useless cardboards.

I hope that the persons responsible will be able to read this and take note of these miserable truths. God bless the agency on its endeavours to improve its management so that they would be able to serve the public better. Thank you very much!


Truly yours,

A Concerned Citizen


Useless! The management don't implement it anyways.

Useless! The management don’t implement it anyways.

This was supposed to be my transaction.

This was supposed to be my transaction.

A very miserable sight to see. Professionals treated like this. So sad!

A very miserable sight to see. Professionals treated like this. So sad!

Priority numbers being given by the personnel.

Priority numbers being given by the personnel.

Blurry yet taken at 6-AM

Blurry yet taken at 6-AM

19 thoughts on “Les Miserables at PRC-Iloilo

  1. Nah. It has always been this way. There have been a lot of complaints since before, but no progress or improvement happened. I guess this is because the employees believe that that professionals are the ones who need them and they are not there to serve these professionals. What hurts more is that they do not act like professionals at all. They even scream at professionals lining up to process their licenses. I am quite unsure where to submit the right complain so that there will be some improvements with their system.

  2. Great post here! Very striking and provocative to the extent that you drew that attention of the said regulation body. Their only is ‘Just bear with us’. How much time will be given to them just so we, professionals, can bear with them? Oh, please.
    I am a nurse too, who also visited the office two weeks ago. But upon my arrival, hundreds of professionals were queuing outside and even on the parking space. Me and my friends had to vacate the office because of the worst system, saying we shall go back when the PRC office is fully air-conditioned. I also thought of making a post my visit but opted not to. What for? I may write and post it here, but will the commission intervene immediately to my/our concerns?

    • I feel your pain! Actually, this post was the second letter I sent to PRC-Iloilo. Like any other complaints, “palusot” and ignorance were the tactics of the agency. I really find it sad and despicable to see my fellow professionals of various ages to suffer like what happened when I went there for my transaction. They’re giving “Professional Regulation Commission” a bad name because of the unprofessional manner of handling clients.

  3. very nice post..its sad to know that we professionals are not treated professionally. We pay them the right amount they are asking from us, yet we don’t recieve the right services. They are unorganized and employees are disoriented. To sum it all, PRC ILOILO branch is the most stupid govt organization lead by their BRAINLESS, SARCASTIC, HIPOCRITE AND VERY INCONSIDERATE chairman Baldago, aka BALDADO!

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  5. This is really bad. PRC officials in Iloilo should take a site visit or a week-long seminar at PRC Davao. Its (PRC Davao) scope is so huge but the process is very organized and fast. The applicants never ever queue outside the building. They comfortably sit on cushioned benches in fully air-conditioned rooms while waiting for their numbers to be called. Processing takes only a day when you go there with complete requirements. Sounds ideal? It’s true.

    • Last time there was a trending leaked CCTV snapshot of a clerk playing solitaire in the computer while in her background a lot of people were lining up and with sad faces. Some said that it was taken at PRC-Iloilo but who knows…maybe true but then again maybe not …

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  7. This is a good page to vent out anger at PRC Iloilo. It seems that people working there has not thought of any solution to make things systematic and organized. It has been going on for ages and everyday is the same thing there. I remember when we were processing our application before getting Nurses Licensure Exam in 2006 that we were having a vigil outside PRC. Why is it a vigil? We waited there since 9pm and we were already more than 50 and a lot of people are coming every hour. The purpose was only to be the first in line in getting a processing number from the guard in the morning. We didn’t sleep just really wanted everything to be over and done because we still have a board exam to think about. We were sleepless, hungry and tired but still we were not able to finish the transaction the following day and still my classmates and I has to come back. It was a horrible experience that made me decide not to stay longer in the Philippines if I can. And, it is not only a problem of PRC because I think whatever government office you go in the Philippines you have to fall in line and wait for hours or a whole day but PRC Iloilo is the top of the line for having the poorest service of all.

    • WOW! The earliest I arrived at PRC was 4AM and still was not able to get a transaction number because the management was too incompetent to instruct its clients on where to line and where to wait. The card boards with transactions names are useless!

  8. I recently filed in PRC Iloilo and been glad that I’m done with the process. I should admit that in between the steps I took to get my transaction done were the most humiliating hours of my life. Why? Here’s what happened:

    (at the PRC office, 3/F, just done with the cheap passport size photoshoot)

    Me: Sir, where can I get a priority number?

    Complaints Desk/Information Desk Officer: Diri lang Ms. kung ma kwa ka board…First time or repeater?

    Me: First time Sir.

    Complaints Desk/Information Desk Officer: Diin na imo picture kag online confirmation?

    Me: Do you mean to say, “printout of the online confirmation”?

    Complaints Desk/Information Desk Officer: Huo.

    Me: Hah? (confused a bit) Sir I have a list of the steps here from the PRC website and I have the slightest idea of printing a confirmation of my registration online. (scanning the steps and didn’t find what the officer was asking so i suggested to him “sir i hope PRC updates their website with complete and reliable information.” trying to hold back my confusion and disappointment)

    Complaints Desk/Information Desk Officer: pa print ka na lang to anay kay amo na dapat.

    Me: (urged to argue but…) Ok sir, thanks. i’ll print one right now. do you know where’s the nearest shop?

    I was trying to be friendly because I am not from Iloilo and I don’t know anyone at the place still he answered me in a very sarcastic manner…

    Complaints Desk/Information Desk Officer: Waay ko kabalo, Ikaw to ya pangita.

    So I hurried downstairs to look for the nearest computer shop where i can print. How happy I was to find one though the prints are very costly for me thinking that it’s 12.50 Php per page when it’s only 3 pesos for colored back at our place…haha, negosyante!

    When i went back to the Officer near the entrance to join the line for the priority number, he started nagging…

    Complaints Desk/Information Desk Officer: Ms. ikaw to kagina no?

    I went to his desk, to ask for the priority number without the thought of how he sarcastically answered my questions earlier…all the more, I was confused. What is it this time?

    Me: Yes Sir. What is it about?

    Complaints Desk/Information Desk Officer: Kalain sa imo batasan, ga explain pa ko kagina kung ngaa ga require kami printout. Ka bastos simo. Nagtalikod ka lang dayon. Sa dason indi ka mag amo na ha? (I was starting to get pissed)

    Me: Sir I’m really sorry you felt offended. Clearly, you instructed me to print the online thingy and I just followed it. I am in a hurry to get all these done as you can see.

    Complaints Desk/Information Desk Officer: Ngaa ga dali ka ya?

    Me: (Irritated. In my mind, “it’s none of your business sir…well, isn’t it obvious that i came here early with the hope of going home early…?”) i simply told him, completely ignoring his nagging, “Where’s my number sir?”

    Complaints Desk/Information Desk Officer: Ari number mo o. Hay naku, wala ka pa gani ka pasar board kalaw-ay na ka batasan mo, ano pa gid ayhan kung ka pasar ka na?

    I took the number as I handed over to him my requirements. He kept on talking in a very audible voice which I really hated. I won’t forget what he said. I’m trying to learn from that situation but I couldn’t understand why he has to do it in public with the rest of the applicants starting to be pissed by his “long talk”. It’s too early for a sermon and they just opened an hour ago! Are you tired so soon Sir? I was very angry at that moment. I felt judged. That guy doesn’t even know me. I woke up 3AM and sailed across the sea from Negros to get there in time for that day. I didn’t have breakfast when I went there because I was saving all my time and money for the trip. I had the urge to tell him what I went through before I came but then, I saw something like this on the wall “You are Professional. Act like one.” (I want to shout at him that time, really! Because He has no right to talk to me that way or to anybody else). He should be grateful he has a job. Pity that guy, maybe he’s not happy with what he’s doing. Later that day, I passed by his desk and I noticed that he left for a real complaint. He’s gone for some hours. Well, good luck to him! I didn’t see him for the rest of the day, after that encounter.


    Oh, I almost forgot! This one’s quite funny. The lady in Window 3 told me to wait, giving me a sign with her palm facing me as she bent down to wear her foot socks! Hahaha! I told her that I just want to ask a question. She ignored me while she spent 5 minutes fixing herself to start her day. That is fine with me Ma’am. I really appreciate your effort of grooming yourself, all set and ready to serve! But hey, you should have done that at least 30 minutes before your office opened…NOT after! Thank you for wasting our time to watch you painting yourself with your make-up brush, talking to your colleagues and changing on your corporate shoes while your applicants in front of your window are clamoring and complaining at your delay.


    Thank you for creating this page Pilosopo Tamad. How I wanted to post this on my FB wall a long time ago and how I kept it all inside. But I believe now that “it’s better late than never”.

    • In addition, “Sir I didn’t ask for your explanation. I gave a statement and not a question. When I turned to leave, it meant that the conversation was over. With all due respect Mr. Professional Barker, we only give explanations to those who ask for it. I know what you have to say. My point is, you created a website and run the PRC Iloilo, yet you forget your logic. It’s not right to tell someone that it is your rule/part of the requirement and by the time they arrive there, they will be asked for what seems necessary as per web instructions, confused and somehow fooled for depending on so little (especially for first-timers). Why am I unhappy about it? Because we called in MANY TIMES before going there to make sure that we brought all the documents we need, and not a single call was answered! Better cut those phone lines! They’re useless!”


    • Hi Miss Judged!

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I empathize with you totally. Useless! Very true. Every time they’re probed for complaints, like the time my complaint was published in the Daily Guardian, I think it’s their SOP to hide under Baldago’s skirts. HAHA!

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