Politicians: Reachable to Untouchable

During election times, every candidate aspiring for a seat of power in any government position (whether it’s the national, regional or local) most often unveils  an image of THE REACHABLE.

The Reachable, one who:

    • Goes out almost everyday, regardless of weather conditions, to interact with the people.
    • Speaks politely and professionally.
    • Receives, accepts and responds to comments, suggestions, complaints directly.
    • Home is open for the public.
    • Make promises here and there.
    • Proclaims as the defender of the poor and marginalized.
    • Regarding budget, usual answer, “There’s no way there’s no budget! I will make sure, once elected, that we will have enough budget for projects and polices.”
    • All-out implementation of projects and charity works.

Once that candidate wins the election and assumes the seat of power, he/she suddenly transforms or evolves into THE UNTOUCHABLE.

The Untouchable, one who:

    • Out-of-hall visitation varies. During bad conditions, stays in office and just let other people do the interaction.
    • Have the nerve to shout and at some point makes threats.
    • “For any comments, suggestions and complaints, please refer to my secretary because I’m busy (doing other needless, pointless, or maybe corrupt stuff). I will answer it once the media is already hunting me down.”
    • Home is guarded 24/7 and no entry unless family, business people, and loyal supporters.
    • Make excuses here and there.
    • Proclaims as the defender of justice and interest.
    • Regarding budget? The usual answer, “There’s no budget.”
    • Little to rare visibility of project and charity implementations.

Election time is really an amusing affair because its the time when human foolishness is so obvious to the naked eye of the general public. Candidates are backstabbing one another in various ways possible. All issues about a candidate are revealed, both work-related and personal. And, the general public really loves the personal part. “Para may pang chismis eh.” Sometimes, candidate histories and issues are more entertaining than that of the showbiz people. The worst part, the reachable feeds the public with those issues to be worthy of the magic of sympathy which has helped a lot of government officials in the past.

On the other hand, the untouchables are also an interesting bunch. “Promises? What promises? I never said that.” Problems? It will pass. Just sit back, relax and let the private sector handle it. No stress. Hey, which good road is up for another road maintenance project ‘coz I need the money.” These stuff never cease to amuse me. Every election and post-election time is always a new gimmick. So, stay tune!


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