Pamaskwa Para sa Munting Tinig ng Banwa

The Y-Crusaders

A group consisting of young professionals, organized after the Yolanda tragedy that devastated the Philippines last November 2013. The group’s call of duty was to turn the tides of hopelessness through charitable and empowerment works, with the motto: “With sympathy we comfort, with charity we save!” The group generates funds through sponsorships and donations from concerned people, where the group is recognized as the liaison between the donors and the beneficiaries. The group, with roughly 6 members, have successfully done relief operations in Concepcion(Iloilo) and Pan-ay(Capiz) with more than 200 families reached. The Y-Crusaders will keep on working to spread and empower humanity through little works of goodness and charity.

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Last Dec. 26, 2013, the Y-Crusaders, a group of young individuals who teamed up together to answer the call of humanity after the Yolanda tragedy, organized a Christmas gift giving event for the kids of Calaparan, Iloilo City. Brgy. Calaparan, is ranked as the 3rd barangay with the most poorest of the poor families as surveyed under the NHTS-PR (National Household Targeting System – Poverty Reduction) of the DSWD in Iloilo City. With a population of more than 300 households under the NHTS-PR, the team selected this barangay and focused on the less fortunate kids aged 5-10yrs.old.

20131226_104511 20131226_104503

The plan was to make the Christmas season merry for the kids, specifically 150 kids, though a short program with a duration of 2hrs. which consists of fun games, cool entertainment, yummy foods and plenty of goodies. The event took place at the Marian Hall of Calumpang Parish Church due to the abundant space, ease of peace and order, and the accessibility of important resources such as manpower and materials.

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Program Flow:

I. Registration

II. Doxology


III. Singing of the National Anthem

IV. Opening Remarks


V. Games

    1. Trip to Jerusalem (musical chairs)

1412351_10201241053615992_1780584569_o 1395187_10152099755898967_1616426275_n598513_10201241053936000_1781706935_n

    1. Give Me What I Want
    2. Longest Line

20131226_101326 20131226_101322

    1. Longest Breath
    2. Paper Dance
    3. Statue Dance

VI. Snacks with Entertainment – Singing, Live band, Dance

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VII. Gift Giving

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VIII. Closing Remarks


The team came up with certain committees for efficiency and effectiveness.

Planning – responsible for the leading and monitoring, making sure that things are going as planned.

Communication – responsible for the coordination and courtesy calls of participants, significant agencies, units, organizations, sponsors and donors.

Logistics – responsible for the facilities, supplies and transportation.

Information Technology – responsible for all media and documentation.

Finance – responsible for the allocation, expenditure, budgeting and auditing of available funds.

Directing / Leading

Certain leadership and motivation styles were utilized since the start of the planning phase up to the end of the event. The most dominantly used was the Laissez-faire style of leadership because tasks done by the members really provided little or no direction at all. The members, themselves, had the initiative and creativity to do what should be done, given the limited time and resources. Members were mostly motivated through Abraham Maslow’s Need theory, as long as needs of the members are satisfied, like food and belongingness needs, they are motivated to do their tasks and have a positive outlook towards the outcome of the event.


The type of control measure utilized by the team was the pre-actions control where before we made any move or actions, we made sure that there are already people who would man the certain task. The necessary human, material and financial resources have been budgeted. The team had to budget every resource as much as possible in order for plans to move forward, as planned.


We had some problems during the registration phase because of some miscommunications and untoward incidences with the participants but the program went on as planned. During the event, some folks, due to lack of manpower for the peace and order, took advantage of the whole situation by intruding their unregistered children. Because of this, 17 children lining up to get giveaways were not able get some. Thus, the team had to list down their names so that they’ll be catered after the event.


  1. It is highly recommended to know first the number of committed people for the overall event.
  2. Regardless of funds, whether big or small, proper planning on how to effectively make use of it is a major concern. Each committee must have it’s allocated budget.
  3. Maximize available resources as much as possible. Only buy, if necessary in order to save.
  4. Each committee should work according to its function.
  5. During the event, be early!
  6. Registration must be 30min.-1hr. Before the proposed time of event.
  7. In choosing participants, don’t rely on one agency, sometimes you have to do the surveying yourself, if necessary.
  8. In preparing stuff for participants, always make sure to prepare an additional 30% in case of abrupt addition of participants or intruders. It can’t be helped, so it’s better to just prepare to avoid drama afterwards.
  9. It’s important to make sure that the venue is well barricaded to avoid intruders from entering or anyone that would endanger the peace and smooth flow of the event.
  10. Evaluate the whole activity with your team!


The whole program went well. There were minimal complaints but “all is well.” The kids had an awesome time, and the team were tired yet totally satisfied. After the event, there were some remaining foods left for the team to feast on. At the end of the day, it was not about the time, money and effort wasted to make this event a success, but the smiles, joys and laughter present and witnessed throughout the activity.

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