About Me

I am a simple person who is a 397703_4507880888394_1519663263_nbig fan of adventures! I grew up in a village where most of the people are always busy with their daily routines, which may include daily chores and job-related work. The village may look small but it is a very populous area with visible facilities and services for its people. When I was young, I always wanted to be a scientist. I loved the idea of discovering and inventing new things for a living and gaining profits out of it. Also, your discoveries and inventions can help out mankind. So, its like doing two humane stuff at the same time.

I thought, life as a kid would never stop. When I grew older, my vision became clouded due to the many factors that influenced me. As a kid, “Happy” was the best answer when asked “What would you be when you grow up?” But then it became, ” A world-renowned architect”, ” A successful doctor”, ” A rich politician”, ” A nurse”…


Poof! I became a nurse…Wrong move??? Well, its ok. It made me more humane actually. Kind of led me to the path of being a philanthropist. And, heck! I met my girlfriend because of the profession. So I guess, it was not much of a troublesome adventure after all. Now, as a licensed professional nurse in the Philippines, I realized that my vision is still attainable and that I can still have as many awesome adventures as I possibly can. I would travel here and there and go out anywhere to discover, learn and make a difference as much as possible! C’mon join me in my adventures! 😀

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