Embracing What’s Ours


Saint Paul University Iloilo’s Wellness Program has done it again. Through the direction of Mrs. Mary Jane De Gracia together with her creative and enthusiastic warriors, another Sariling Atin, a musical concert, was conceptualized and materialized at the school gym last Mar. 7 ,2013.

The show was entitled “Times and Seasons”, depicting the continuous cycle of our everyday lives as we embrace every precious time that we have together with our families, friends, and the society. From January up to December, various occasions and religious events were presented in a creative and exciting manner to truly make the audience realize that every season or time is worth the memories.

Mrs. De Gracia, the director of the whole event, said in her opening remarks that time flies and rarely in anyone’s side. It will take a lot of reflections for us to realize that time is not our enemy. Rather, it is a gift from the Almighty, that we should cherish and treat it for what it is.

In conclusion, shows like this makes a Filipino appreciate and become responsible for the cultural heritage that was shared and entrusted to him. A heritage that should be treasured as he lives to the fullest as a Filipino and a responsibility to be passed on to next generations of productive Filipinos.

This was the first picture I took while waiting for the show to start.

This was the first picture I took while waiting for the show to start.

The Director making her warm remarks to boost the mood.

The Director making her warm remark to boost the mood.

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