Dreams: Freely For Everyone


People have dreams regardless of social or financial status.

While I was waiting for the public utility jeep to go, the Barker (a person that shouts at potential passengers) asked me if he could read what was written in my baller. I said, “Sure.” He then told me that before he had one baller that contained the John 3:16 verse in the Bible. He told me that because of his carelessness with the item, it got a little damaged so he gave it away. I thought that was the end of an unusual conversation with a stranger, but he continued talking.

His next topic was about his dream of taking up a course in Values Education studies in a school that offers free education somewhere in Silay, Negros Occidental, Philippines. He said that he was not able to finish his primary education and until today have problems in speaking English. He has a family that is financially constrained. He dreamed that once he can finish his dream course, he will help his family more by getting a better job that can support their needs.

I looked at him with touched eyes yet it really bothered me on how a course in Values Education Studies helps a person land a job.   Usually, values education is the forte of guidance councilors. Even an accomplished guidance councilor can’t find a suitable job nowadays. But in this troublesome society, it seems that everyone needs to study or relearn values education.

If a person like him, who is far away from his family because he is doing his barking work here in Iloilo City while his family is in Bacolod, can dream a thing like that then the average Filipino citizen who can eat 3 or more times a day, is financially stable and with good education background can be considered an accomplished person, correct?  What are the criteria of an accomplished citizen of society, anyway? Also, why do I feel that the more you have everything you need, the more you want to have everything else, and if you can’t get them, you complain and suckle on it. Then begin to say that life’s not fair.

After a while, the jeep started to move and took off. That was then the first and probably the last I’ll hear from him, or is it?