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Looking a job? Need a job? In search for work? Wanna be hired? Get the job you want! Etc…etc…etc…

These are frequently the slogans you can see when you read the newspaper, search the world wide web, and see job ads. From so many multimedia , the world wide web is the most accessible and most updated place to search for a job or to post a job opening.

Find a Job - Magnifying Glass on Words

In the Philippines, almost millions of Filipinos are unemployed due to some reasons such as they can’t find the right place to start searching, requirements are hard to comply or there is job mismatch. Yet, there are still plenty of jobs that awaits every Filipino because everyone knows, even the foreigners, that Filipinos are trust-worthy and hard-working. Thus, here are some websites for the Filipino to start searching for his/her dream job:



Nice to Know: Avoiding Sexist Language


Sometimes people can be very sensitive when it comes to conversations, especially when it comes to using sexist language. In order to minimize or avoid sexist conversations, here are some guidelines for you to consider:

1. When a gender of an object is unknown, don’t assume a supposed gender. Ex. When talking about a doctor, don’t assume the doctor is he.

2. Sexism may sometimes be introduced in a language through use of suffix. Adding ess or ette onto an otherwise neutral noun indicates a masculine adjustment to a feminine word thus should be avoided in a non-sexist language.

3. Some words diminish or demean. Ex. Women referring to as chicks. Or, using terms such as Lady of the House or Dear Housewife.

4. Cultural habits contribute to sexism. Like, the adding of man to many words is one troublesome peculiarity of English. Ex. salesman, chairman, spokesman and fireman.

5. Stop stereotyping. People behave according to perceptions. If males perceive themselves as powerful men, they carry themselves proudly and strongly. If women perceive themselves as passive, weak and submissive, they behave in powerless ways. Ex. Secretary is always pictured as a woman while a bank president is always pictured as a man.

6. Avoid verbal abuse. Words are very powerful weapons or healers depending on the choice of verbiage and the manner it was spoken.

Here are more detailed tips on what to do:

1. Avoid using man to refer to typical human being.

Sexist: Man was created by God to inhabit the earth.

Non-Sexist: Humans/ People were created by God to inhabit the earth.

2. Use man correctly. Substitute man with non-sexist terms.

a. Man as Verb: Substitute with work, serve, operate, staff, run

Sexist: We are going to man the booth.

Non-Sexist: We are going to watch/supervise the booth.

b. Man as Prefix

Sexist: Mankind, manpower, man-made, man-hours.

Non-Sexist: Humanity, human-power, artificial, work-hours.

c. Man as Suffix

Sexist: Chairman, spokesman, salesman.

Non-Sexist: Chair, president, presider, spokesperson, speaker, salesperson.

d. Man as People

Sexist: Englishmen, Frenchmen

Non-Sexist: The English, The French

e. Man as Public Servant

Sexist: Congressman, lady senator.

Non-Sexist: Legislator, representative, senator.

3. Use pronouns correctly. A noun is used to replace a noun or another pronoun. First and second pronouns are genderless. (I, we, me, you, ours, yours, etc.) Third person pronouns cause sexist difficulties. Once used accurately, no problems exist.


a. Use plural nouns/pronouns:

Sexist: A child should learn to tie his own shoelace.

Non-Sexist: Children should learn to tie their own shoelace.

b. Omit the pronoun:

Sexist: A politician likes to offer his opinions.

Non-Sexist: A politician likes to offer opinions.

c. Change the subject:

Sexist: A lawyer who wants to win his case will work hard.

Non-Sexist: Hard work is important to a lawyer who wants to win a case.

d. Use the passive voice:

Sexist: The gardener uses his tools in his work.

Non-Sexist: The gardeners work is accomplished with the use of tools.

4. Use the neutral words. Stop the habit of making two forms of nouns – masculine and feminine when only one is required.

Sexist: Usher – usherette, major – majorette

Non-Sexist: Attendant, band player, bus helper, assistant, physician.

5. Define women by who they are, not by who their fathers or husbands are.

Sexist: Mr. & Mrs. Juan Dela Cruz

Non-Sexist: Juan & Marie Dela Cruz

Sexist: Beth, the wife of Juan…

Non-Sexist: Beth, who is marred to Juan…

There are just about some of the guidelines and tips on how to evade a sexist conversations. Don’t let this be a barrier of communication but an aide on how to create a very healthy discussion. Who knows? What if the person who you are trying to have a big business deal with is sensitive with these issues, you may lose your chance, right?

Crazy Secrets On How To Get Rid Of Things


Do you know the easy ways on how to get rid of things? When deciding  on what things you want to keep and what you need to get rid of, you have to be able to sort them out completely.

You should set up a work area that’s clean with lots of space. Depending on what type of things you really want to get rid of, you should have a sorting system in order to be organized.

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When was the last time you stopped doing some personal car maintenance? Were your skills not good enough to make your car same as what it looked like when you first bought it? One of the most fashionable luxuries a man can ever invest in his lifetime is a hi-powered, full-throttled and amazingly designed automobile that compliments very well with personal, family or career demands. Having a car of your own is one big accomplishment and with a little upgrade and modifications, you can turn your car into an entertainment vehicle equipped with the latest in-car receivers, speakers and LCD monitors. Top it up with add-on lighting features, everyone will beg to be your friend and whoever rides on it will surely experience one hell of a thrill as you take them on one heck of a ride.
Having a car gives you full power on the road but with great power always comes with great responsibility such as safe keeping and maintenance. Every car owner always gives an effort to make their car look brand new whether how old it is or how many times it has been used. One of the best or most probably the most rewarding way to preserve a car’s minty fresh flavor is to do some car auto detailing. You may opt to do it yourself however with sheer care and full knowledge because doing something blindly to your car would make you wish that you’ve never even dared to have done it. If you are anxious of what mad things you may do to your car during maintenance schedules then seeking professional help is the best idea. Give the dirty work to the big boys who knows exactly what they’re doing that can even meet beyond the car owner’s expectations. Search the internet and you will find mobile exotic car detailers who delivers the best car detailing job you’ve ever witnessed.
Auto detailing is an extremely tough job that involves in and out thorough cleaning, waxing and polishing to let loose a car’s elegance and splendor like the first time the owner ever laid his eyes on it. Every car detailer has his own techniques in the transformation of every client’s car but what frequently happens is that a client’s car will be taken to the washing area where careful cleaning of wheels, grills, bumpers and other hidden spots not usually handled with home cleaning are meticulously done. Bugs, road tars, and other sticky and smelly stuff will be removed in the process. Next would be the waxing to make the paint of the car more buffed yet original as possible. Finally, would be to polish the whole car to make it look scratch-free and without any imperfections. Mobile exotic car detailers have their own special products to use with the polishing process yet depending much on the paint condition of the car. Once extensive polishing has been done, what the owner of the car would witness is nothing more but a smooth and glossy paint finish and with both interior and exterior areas looking exactly the same as when the owner first had it.
Another positive result of car auto detailing is the reduction or eradication of allergy causing entities. With car detailing, air vents which are commonly the areas of dust collection will be scrupulously cleaned. This kind of cleaning must only be done by the experts because manual cleaning of air vents may cause serious health problems if done improperly. Guaranteed clean air vents will promote circulation of clean air inside the car which is very beneficial for those who have asthma and the rate of catching colds is remarkably minimized.
So on the next time you think about getting your car a thorough make-over then seek professional help from the big boys that would surely be worth your money. Grab the directory, search for mobile exotic car detailers who can not only do general car detailing but bonus treatment as well. Always keep in mind to never let one of your biggest investments be taken care of by local car detailing amateurs. Go for mobile exotic car detailers and experience taking home a brand new looking car.

Look Good, Feel Good


Every woman wants to look good and attractive no matter where they are. It brightens their day whenever they are given nice compliments about the way they look. That’s why they put extra effort in pampering their selves. However, no matter how expensive and classy the clothes that you wear are, if your hair doesn’t look great, neither will you. That is why it is very important to take good care of your hair.

Choosing hair products is very essential. When looking for the right product, it’s important to choose which you think best suits you. Most of the popular shampoos and conditioners today have a minty smell. These may smell even great when used and makes you feel like your head is being massaged. For dry and damaged hair, choose products that can restore moisture, shine and glow. It would be nice to use products that can add volume, thickness and softness to dull hair. For women who color their hair, it’s best to choose shampoos with color protection to help color last longer.

There are a lot of hair products nowadays, but choosing what you think is right for you will make you look your best and feel great.

Damaged Hair and How To Fix It


Sometimes, hair problems go beyond issues such as dryness or frizz. Most times hair is damaged beyond repair. No matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to work. You just end up with an empty wallet trying to figure out how you can fix your hair.

One major cause of damaged hair is chemical abuse. Products such as relaxers and hair color are easily accessible in the market; anyone can just buy them and use them readily. A lot of times, they aren’t used properly and that’s where damage comes in. Paying a professional to do the job is highly recommended.
Heat can also do a lot of damage to your hair. Whether your hair is chemically processed or natural, too much heat can damage it. This pertains to daily use of flat irons, curling irons, etc. Hair can and will burn if extremely hot tools are used on it.
There is a solution, though. When your hair is just dry, you can still get the moisture back in it. It may take a while but it can be done. On the other hand, damage is completely different. Once hair is fried past the point of no return, the only solution is to cut off it off. This is quite drastic; however, long hair that’s damaged won’t do anything good for your look. Instead, just get rid of the damaged ends and start over. But don’t do the same mistake again.