Pamaskwa Para sa Munting Tinig ng Banwa


The Y-Crusaders

A group consisting of young professionals, organized after the Yolanda tragedy that devastated the Philippines last November 2013. The group’s call of duty was to turn the tides of hopelessness through charitable and empowerment works, with the motto: “With sympathy we comfort, with charity we save!” The group generates funds through sponsorships and donations from concerned people, where the group is recognized as the liaison between the donors and the beneficiaries. The group, with roughly 6 members, have successfully done relief operations in Concepcion(Iloilo) and Pan-ay(Capiz) with more than 200 families reached. The Y-Crusaders will keep on working to spread and empower humanity through little works of goodness and charity.

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Last Dec. 26, 2013, the Y-Crusaders, a group of young individuals who teamed up together to answer the call of humanity after the Yolanda tragedy, organized a Christmas gift giving event for the kids of Calaparan, Iloilo City. Brgy. Calaparan, is ranked as the 3rd barangay with the most poorest of the poor families as surveyed under the NHTS-PR (National Household Targeting System – Poverty Reduction) of the DSWD in Iloilo City. With a population of more than 300 households under the NHTS-PR, the team selected this barangay and focused on the less fortunate kids aged 5-10yrs.old.

20131226_104511 20131226_104503

The plan was to make the Christmas season merry for the kids, specifically 150 kids, though a short program with a duration of 2hrs. which consists of fun games, cool entertainment, yummy foods and plenty of goodies. The event took place at the Marian Hall of Calumpang Parish Church due to the abundant space, ease of peace and order, and the accessibility of important resources such as manpower and materials.

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Program Flow:

I. Registration

II. Doxology


III. Singing of the National Anthem

IV. Opening Remarks


V. Games

    1. Trip to Jerusalem (musical chairs)

1412351_10201241053615992_1780584569_o 1395187_10152099755898967_1616426275_n598513_10201241053936000_1781706935_n

    1. Give Me What I Want
    2. Longest Line

20131226_101326 20131226_101322

    1. Longest Breath
    2. Paper Dance
    3. Statue Dance

VI. Snacks with Entertainment – Singing, Live band, Dance

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VII. Gift Giving

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VIII. Closing Remarks


The team came up with certain committees for efficiency and effectiveness.

Planning – responsible for the leading and monitoring, making sure that things are going as planned.

Communication – responsible for the coordination and courtesy calls of participants, significant agencies, units, organizations, sponsors and donors.

Logistics – responsible for the facilities, supplies and transportation.

Information Technology – responsible for all media and documentation.

Finance – responsible for the allocation, expenditure, budgeting and auditing of available funds.

Directing / Leading

Certain leadership and motivation styles were utilized since the start of the planning phase up to the end of the event. The most dominantly used was the Laissez-faire style of leadership because tasks done by the members really provided little or no direction at all. The members, themselves, had the initiative and creativity to do what should be done, given the limited time and resources. Members were mostly motivated through Abraham Maslow’s Need theory, as long as needs of the members are satisfied, like food and belongingness needs, they are motivated to do their tasks and have a positive outlook towards the outcome of the event.


The type of control measure utilized by the team was the pre-actions control where before we made any move or actions, we made sure that there are already people who would man the certain task. The necessary human, material and financial resources have been budgeted. The team had to budget every resource as much as possible in order for plans to move forward, as planned.


We had some problems during the registration phase because of some miscommunications and untoward incidences with the participants but the program went on as planned. During the event, some folks, due to lack of manpower for the peace and order, took advantage of the whole situation by intruding their unregistered children. Because of this, 17 children lining up to get giveaways were not able get some. Thus, the team had to list down their names so that they’ll be catered after the event.


  1. It is highly recommended to know first the number of committed people for the overall event.
  2. Regardless of funds, whether big or small, proper planning on how to effectively make use of it is a major concern. Each committee must have it’s allocated budget.
  3. Maximize available resources as much as possible. Only buy, if necessary in order to save.
  4. Each committee should work according to its function.
  5. During the event, be early!
  6. Registration must be 30min.-1hr. Before the proposed time of event.
  7. In choosing participants, don’t rely on one agency, sometimes you have to do the surveying yourself, if necessary.
  8. In preparing stuff for participants, always make sure to prepare an additional 30% in case of abrupt addition of participants or intruders. It can’t be helped, so it’s better to just prepare to avoid drama afterwards.
  9. It’s important to make sure that the venue is well barricaded to avoid intruders from entering or anyone that would endanger the peace and smooth flow of the event.
  10. Evaluate the whole activity with your team!


The whole program went well. There were minimal complaints but “all is well.” The kids had an awesome time, and the team were tired yet totally satisfied. After the event, there were some remaining foods left for the team to feast on. At the end of the day, it was not about the time, money and effort wasted to make this event a success, but the smiles, joys and laughter present and witnessed throughout the activity.

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Isla Gigantes: Nature’s Amazing Creations


Iloilo is truly a rich destination to visit. NO! We are not talking about the internal revenue allotment or the fiscal standing of the province but the wealth in culture and folklore, natural resources and tourist destinations.

One of the not-so-widely known tourist destinations in the province is the “Isla Gigantes” which is located north of the province near Carles and Estancia. Isla Gigantes (Spanish term for “giant islands”) consists of many islands both privately and publicly owned.

The municipality of Carles is vigilant of the blooming tourism in the area thus they assure the travelling folks that more means of transportation will be provided, problems with electricity be solved, and the development and maintenance of the islands be strictly regarded.

When I was invited by my pal Dexter for a summer adventure with his family in Carles, I immediately said a booming “yes.” I prepared all my things straightaway because it was a shotgun invitation and I didn’t want to miss this valuable chance of a lifetime.

It takes an approximate amount of 2.5-3 hours worth of travel time from Iloilo City to Carles via private car but if via bus it can take more likely 3-hours. When we arrived at the Carles Port, immediately we loaded the ferry boat and made ourselves comfortable. Then we were off!

Our first stop was the well-known hidden salt water lagoon popularly known as “Tangke.” Watch out though since some rocks are slippery and pointy. You can hear birds chirping beautifully and there were also monkeys hiding in the shadows but alas they were too afraid to come down and be fed because of our noises. Swimming in the cool waters of the lagoon was a great experience and while floating and looking at big rock formations and the big blue sky, you can imagine how beautiful this planet really is especially with all its natural wonders and creations.

big rocks



near entrance

whole plae

pool 2 pool rock swimming

Our next stop was the Kabugaw Island. It is a small island with white sand, clear waters, and beautiful corals and pebbles. Photographers are able to take a full shot of the island once they climb the rocky formations up to its peak.


2 3





7  9




Next destination, we made a quick stop in Pasil Island where we witnessed a trail of sand. Ferry boats can drop off tourists from the end of the trail and let them walk the sandy path to the island.



Next, we made a stop at Atoneya Island where we were able to discover a cave that residents say may be a tunnel that leads to Pillar (an area in Capiz popularly known for its big statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary n top of a hill). We were not able to go deep inside the cave though because we didn’t have a tour guide to assist us.









Thereafter, we arrived at Granada Island. In the island, tourists can visit the lighthouse and another cave that is said to be a tunnel network to Negros Occidental. Being at the top of the lighthouse is breath-taking and inside the cave gives you goose bumps all over.


7 8


1 2 4 5

We were able to visit those islands in approximately 8 hours and we had our lunch and snacks inside the ferry boat while sailing. This strategy conserved a lot of precious time to be used for adventure time. I give my Isla Gigantes two thumbs up for the awesome scenery and amazing adventure. If I was only able to explore the caves then I would have given it 4 thumbs up (including my toes).

A Productive Hobby?


A Productive Hobby?

Do you want a hobby that is both healthy and eco-friendly? Yes!

Have a bike? Yes!


Biking is slowly gaining back its reputation in the city maybe due to the reasons that more roads are built nowadays thus a lot of alternate routes are now accessible for jogging and biking. And, it’s an old hobby and still one of the best ways to stay fit. I sure hope that in the near future, the city government will propose and implement a project for the construction of a bike zone in ever road built like what you can see in Beijing, China. It may not be a priority, but it can advocate healthy lifestyle and eco-friendly transportation.

So. . . . . . .

Bike like the wind!

Les Miserables at PRC-Iloilo


Dear PRC-Iloilo,


Greetings of Peace!

Again, your poor management never cease to amaze me. Why is it that you let the security guards, employed to promote security and order in the organization, do the entire mind exhausting job? I went to your cursed agency at 4:30-AM for the purpose of getting of my board certificate. I sat and waited in the bench where the big cardboards with the word RELEASING were displayed. I sat there and waited until such time that people were already piling up the place. A guard came down and was asked if where is the line for the claiming of the board certificates. He said that he is unfamiliar with the process because he was uninformed and lacked the orientation on how to go about. Many people asked him and he only said the same words then later did I know that the whole flow of everything was already perplexing. Not just for me a young professional but also for oldies and senior professionals.

First question, is it really your strategy to let the guards be the ones as front-liners for the public? Why can’t it be any one of your people trained and knowledgeable enough of the whole system of transactions? Why do you let the guards, uninformed and lack the orientation to do it? Is this a professionally done management strategy by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)? At 7-AM, a lot of people were already tensed and confused on where to line-up for his business with the agency. Security guards can’t do their job to maintain security and order because of many people asking so many questions that they don’t know about.

Second, what’s the purpose of the benches when the agency let the people line-up at the garage lane of the building in standing position and the hanged cardboards with transaction words when it is not implemented? It would be better to just take them off or transfer the benches at the back of the building at least the people lining up can utilize it.

Third, are your personnel truly competent in terms of the whole system? I went upstairs to ask directly the information corner when even the one in charge seems to not be specific enough when asked if where we can get our board certificates.  He said to go down the mezzanine to get your board certificates but when I went there, the lady said to get it in the first floor. I was truly pissed! When I went down, the scenario was worse than being in a public market. Visible were compressed people all over the place with confused heads and tensed feelings. I asked if what was the flow for the CLAIMING part, then to my disgust, the guard pointed me to the garage lane. @%#%$. I came here at 4:30-AM and waited and followed your instructions on where to wait and then you just tell me to fall in line at the back of the garage lane for the RELEASING, you don’t do that to me!!!!

The whole scene was a terrible sight to see but not as terrible when I checked the garage lane. I really thought that I was witnessing a scene from “Les Miserables” live. A very long line was present and when the PRC personnel came, it was definitely miserable. Believe me! When the public made complaints, it would either that they ignore you or throw back the question at you.

It’s more fun in Iloilo? Not! An agency that has been present for a very long time and still doing its best to amaze me with its poor management is not fun. Many complains have been addressed but still it’s the same old thing with little or no improvement at all. For those who have the capability to put some senses in this agency and its management, please help!

I suggest that, after all, the public comes early with the earliest at 1-AM in the morning to wait for the agency to open, the agency should post their flow cycle of transactions outside rather than inside the building, at least the public would already be knowledgeable enough of the flow, yet unless the agency doesn’t implement it anyway so maybe it’s just for show. The agency has computers and printers right? Why won’t they post announcements if new flows are to be followed or if where to really line-up, so that the public will ignore their useless cardboards.

I hope that the persons responsible will be able to read this and take note of these miserable truths. God bless the agency on its endeavours to improve its management so that they would be able to serve the public better. Thank you very much!


Truly yours,

A Concerned Citizen


Useless! The management don't implement it anyways.

Useless! The management don’t implement it anyways.

This was supposed to be my transaction.

This was supposed to be my transaction.

A very miserable sight to see. Professionals treated like this. So sad!

A very miserable sight to see. Professionals treated like this. So sad!

Priority numbers being given by the personnel.

Priority numbers being given by the personnel.

Blurry yet taken at 6-AM

Blurry yet taken at 6-AM

A Premiere Authority On Healthcare in Iloilo City



The Medical City of Iloilo held a forum on the prevention and treatment of coronary artery disease entitled, “A Healthy Heart for the Busy Man,” at Hotel Del Rio, Iloilo City. It also served as an opportunity to market their new service in the hospital, the Cardiovascular Centre.CareNow

The Medical City Hospital, formerly known Great Saviour International Hospital, with their slogan “Where Patients Are Partners”, is considered as one of the country’s premiere authorities on healthcare. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical innovations and competent healthcare team, the hospital truly pushes itself on becoming the country’s most trusted healthcare facility for everyone, regardless of social status. More complex medical services, usually available only in developed countries like the US and Germany, are being made available and reachable for the Filipino people.

Interesting news during the forum was the announcement of the “CareNow Healthy Heart System.” It is a system which involves the utilization of a CareNow ECG mobile device. Yes, a device, not an app. It is truly a mobile phone where you can call and text using any telecom network but with an added ingenuity. The device, which came from Singapore, allows the user to record his heart rhythm and transmit this recording to the TMC’s 24-hour concierge, who can determine if medical assistance is needed. Every time a patient uses the ECG reading feature, the result is transferred to a CareNow Virtual Health Folder that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the internet. Truly a first in the Philippines!

Embracing What’s Ours


Saint Paul University Iloilo’s Wellness Program has done it again. Through the direction of Mrs. Mary Jane De Gracia together with her creative and enthusiastic warriors, another Sariling Atin, a musical concert, was conceptualized and materialized at the school gym last Mar. 7 ,2013.

The show was entitled “Times and Seasons”, depicting the continuous cycle of our everyday lives as we embrace every precious time that we have together with our families, friends, and the society. From January up to December, various occasions and religious events were presented in a creative and exciting manner to truly make the audience realize that every season or time is worth the memories.

Mrs. De Gracia, the director of the whole event, said in her opening remarks that time flies and rarely in anyone’s side. It will take a lot of reflections for us to realize that time is not our enemy. Rather, it is a gift from the Almighty, that we should cherish and treat it for what it is.

In conclusion, shows like this makes a Filipino appreciate and become responsible for the cultural heritage that was shared and entrusted to him. A heritage that should be treasured as he lives to the fullest as a Filipino and a responsibility to be passed on to next generations of productive Filipinos.

This was the first picture I took while waiting for the show to start.

This was the first picture I took while waiting for the show to start.

The Director making her warm remarks to boost the mood.

The Director making her warm remark to boost the mood.

m3 m22






m10 m9


m7  m12



m15 m16 m18 m19 m20 m21 m27 m26 m24 m23 m22 m25

Iloilo Zombie Run 2012


Curiosity is an innate characteristic of man and it didn’t limit him from wondering of what will happen of ever the world will be infested by ZOOOOOOOOOOOOMBIES!!!

Plenty of movies and games related to zombies were created out from the curious mind:


The curiosity did not stop there! Many countries have organized plenty of so-called ZOMBIE RUN events, a sort of fun run but with more spice and flavor. Rather than your regular fun run from start to end on the road and pavement, this one is more challenging. A zombie run is not about just running to the end with the only effort of having stamina, its more on SURVIVING harsh terrains and obstacles where there are no flat and comfy roads and pavements to step on.
Aside from uneven terrains and challenging obstacles, the fun part is when you get to encounter a zombie who is tasked to acquire your health badges until you lose them all and end up losing your chance of winning the big prizes for survivors. Losing all of your badges also resulted of you being a ZOMBIE yourself.
In Iloilo City, a zombie run was organized in partnership with many sponsors. A lot of people were astounded upon knowing the idea that a zombie run even would take place since they would usually hear about it in media that occurs in Metro Manila. People were skeptical at first but as the event was past approaching, they became so excited that registration was CLOSED. Furthermore, due to public demand, the organizers had to make a lot of changes so that everyone can participate, whether be runner or zombie, solo or family.
In the end, the whole event was a stormy success and everybody went home all wet with happiness. Just proved to show that this is definitely your “not-so-average” fun run. It’s truly an event for everyone to enjoy!

More pictures at: Max Anthology Facebook Page <–please LIKE :3

“Awesome Adventure!”