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etc logoElegant Twist Creation (ETC) is a local store of the Philippines that sells apparels and accessories suitable for teens, teens at heart and for the stylist dudes and dudettes. The brand name was established by two Filipino youths who are currently college students with a known school in the country.

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These two young businesspeople are rich in inspirational histories and tales about their endeavors. Most of which are on how they battled through life, its hardships and sorrows, up to the point of brainstorming and putting into reality a great opportunity to self-sufficiently support their schooling and other financial dilemmas.

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Established fresh, this 2013, the store can be located at Luna St., Lapaz, Iloilo City, literally inside the “Laptop Specialist” store. Merchandises in-store for potential customers are caps, necklaces (wood & acrylic), shoes, watches, shirts, bags and many more in the near future.

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Promoted by Pilosopo Tamad because of the moral of their tale. The youth is the treasure of this country; if not nurtured and supported, our future will fail. It’s not a matter of leading the youth but a matter of inspiring them to be the leaders themselves. No one has the right to shatter dreams. Only the “despair” will do such act of treachery due to envy. Stop with the crab mentality and move forward for the good of all and for the betterment of the fatherland.

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