Boracay: The Island of Fun and Adventure

Going to the beach is one thing but going to the Boracay Beach is a whole new level of experience. With sands as white as Polvoron candies, this beach became a renowned vacation destination for both locals and foreigners alike. It is the best summer get-away for families, couples and barkadas who want to enjoy the beauty of the sea and to experience and enjoy the over-water and underwater creativity of Mother Nature via the many fun activities that can be done on the island.
Boracay Beach Front Station 1
How to arrive at the Boracay Island with Iloilo City as the starting point?
First, you must travel to Tagbak, Jaro Bus Terminal riding either ‘Jaro Liko – Tagbak’ or ‘SM City – Hi-way – Leganes’ public utility jeeps from Jaro Plaza Andoks where the Unloading/Loading signs for P.U.J. are located. As you arrive at the Bus Terminal, locate for an air-conditioned Ceres Liner Bus, the yellow or sometimes blue big bus, with a Caticlan sign in front of its window where the bus will take you directly outside Boracay Terminal with approximately 5-6 hours of travel times and 2-3 stop-overs along the way in case of hunger outbreaks and elimination tendencies. The bus usually gives a ticket fare of P300 – P350 depending on bus unit, type of passenger and/or gas fuel prices.
Tagbak, Jaro Bus Terminal
Bus to Caticlan

As you arrive outside the Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal, there are 2-steps to do in order to ride the ferry boat to the island. First off, is to pay some fees. Such fees are for the Terminal (P50), Environmental & Admission (P75) and ferry boat (P25) then as you go inside the terminal, you need to register at the information/registration counter for security purposes. After everything is good to go, then its time to run and ride on the ferry boat to the island.

Caticlan Port Terminal to the Boracay Island
Destination: Boracay Island!
Arriving at the port of Boracay, you can already witness its Polvoron-like sands as well as beautiful and clear beach waters. At the ports there will be tricycles stationed to drive you to your destinations. For adventurers such as I who haven’t reserved for a place to stay in yet, the best place to go and find one is at the heart of the beach stations which is known as “D’ Mall.” The tricycle fare that can cater a maximum of 6 people costs P100, already good for everyone. I complained myself regarding the fare but it’s already the fixed fare as they verbalized it and reassured by the port authorities.
To D’ Mall
At D’Mall, you can find all sorts of stores and restaurants. Some which were very familiar and some were exclusively found in Boracay only. Finding a place to stay can be either a snap or a drag. Lodging vacancies that fit the budget and the preference of the travelers depends whether it is the peak season for tourists to populate the island or not. If it’s the peak season, usually somewhere between end of November to first week of June then lodging prices are up, vacancies are less and most of the good ones that are just steps away from the beach front are already taken.
Most resorts have minimum rates of P2,500/night  which is already good for 2-people that comes with an air-conditioned room, hot and cold shower, cable TV and refrigerator.  But then again, regardless of the peak seasons, the rates still depend on the luxury-looks of the place and its location. Most resorts that are steps away from the beach front cost more than far from it. At regular seasons, usually middle of June to middle of November, prices are less with minimum rates of P1500/night which is already good for 2-people that comes with an air-conditioned room, hot and cold shower, cable TV and refrigerator. It’s up to the travelers whether to reserve a room weeks before the planned vacation trip or to just search until they find a suitable place that is fair for the budget.
During the 3-days and 2-nights vacation at Boracay with my barkada, in order to enjoy more but spend less, we mostly ate at Andoks and Mang Inasal. Andoks for the affordable value meals and Mang Inasal for the unlimited rice, both our stomachs and wallets were really satisfied.
It is really fun to swim on beach’s cool and clear salty waters. It does well to expel those stresses and negative vibes within you. Swimming and playing on the sand is so much fun. It makes you feel like a kid again.

Aside from swimming and playing on the sand, what are other activities that can be done on the island?
There are plenty of fun and exciting activities for everyone, young and old alike. There are activities for the adventurous, daring and the trekkers. Some activities that can be done on the island are:
  • Island Hopping
  • Parasailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Helmet Diving
  • Banana Boat Riding
  • Kite boarding
  • Skim boarding
  • Boating and sailing
  • Tattooing
Skim Boarding
Helmet Diving
Banana boats ready for use

Just returned from island hopping

Boating and sailing adventures

My barkada and I went for helmet diving and it was so breath-taking. The package can range from P200-P300/person and comes with a CD that contains 15-20 photo shots and a 10-minute video while underwater. We had to wear a big helmet that weighs approximately 8-kg above water yet  becomes lighter, up to 2-kg when underwater. The heavy helmets are connected to pressurized oxygen tanks which delivers oxygen that interestingly creates such pressure resulting to an air-tight space of oxygen where you can breathe normally without the fear of water to fill inside of the helmet. It may sound a little dangerous to some but instructions are provided before you go underwater and there will be a specific scuba diver to guide and take your pictures and videos while you observe, play and feed the astonishing fishes underwater.

At night, you can see the beautiful lights on the beach front, with some music and fire dancing shows. Some people still swimming and some just sitting around with their family, friends and lovers, having some nice conversations while embracing the cool sea breeze pushing to the shores.

Fire dancer showing some sweet moves!
The Boracay Island is indeed a far-fetched vacation site for everybody. You got to see and experience to believe it yourself!